Explaination of "Change" Video

Hello Loves,

I wanted to explain my vision behind the "Change" video to provide further insight about where I am right now in my life, not only as a content creator and but as - Well Vinny. 

I felt like I owed some sort of clarification because some people felt almost "cheated" with what appears to be just another Youtube "filler" video.  I'm sure most of you don't feel this way, but just wanted to make sure you didn't think I haphazardly threw up a video without any thought behind it. 

So without further ado! 

I titled this video “Change” for a number of reasons. What I think is most apparent to a lot of you, is the format of the video is entirely different than what we normally upload on the channel.

This video for me was about pushing myself creatively and focusing more about the fulfillment of creating. It’s the change I want to see in myself - Less analyzing and more feeling. A change of pace. A recognition and conscious decision to sit peacefully in a moment instead of trying to find what it means. I’ve been feeling quite bombarded lately with the “White Noise” of our modern world - The Tweets, Comments, Likes. I wanted to stop contributing to the buzz in the technological hive. This led me to my next choice - The music.

Now, a lot of you have voiced your distaste with my song choice. I chose the song primarily for the vibe and lyrics. There is a slight juxtaposition with the scenic views and rhythmic hip-hop/urban undertones of the song. I felt like it was an acknowledgment that even though I can be surrounded by nature, I still can’t completely tune out the inner city that pulses through me. It again harps on this idea of how I feel troubled with trying to disconnect and be present.

The lyrics of this song really spoke to me. I’m going to highlight some points of the song with the images on screen to look further into what I was trying to convey:

:34 - :38

“Chasing big endeavors facing stormy weather.

I say say okay cause it just makes you better.”

I start off by showing the cafe that we visited - A sweet little place nestled in a tiny town. Luke and I love to travel, and this year has been a year of chasing our dream of wanderlust. This has presented it’s challenges, but it has strengthen us as a couple. The camera ends with Luke on screen looking in the distance. More deeply, I wanted to capture that he as a husband makes me better as a person.


“Bet I remember everything”

I wanted to capture small details of mundane things to again, be in the moment. To show viewers what we were drinking may seem insignificant, but it’s the details of any experience that makes it memorable - Even China Cola and water in a “Ball” glass. Our time on Earth is a makeup of little moments.

:46 - :49

“Married to the game I, I might go and get a wedding ring”

Being a Youtube couple, at times you feel like you are married to YouTube as well. The previous scene was a close up of Luke’s wedding ring on his finger, and then it quickly jumps to a clip of the local theatre in the town we visited. I wanted to symbolize the “marrying” between our relationship and that of the limelight in cinema. Our little moments, from the previous lyrics, are now shared on stage to a wider audience - YouTube

:55 - 1:21

“I’m still the same me, we’re the same team

big dreams, small town…”

For those of you who don’t know, Luke and I are living in the same town I grew up in. Although I am finding comfort in the familiarity - It’s hard to break old habits from adolescence. The Hudson River Valley is a huge part of my makeup. The bridge we went over is called “The Walkway Over the Hudson” - I flipped back and forth between shots of the river and us, to give the viewer this “ping pong” sensation. This concept of going back and forth between what has become innate in us as people because of where we grew up, to the present person we are today and how we can’t necessarily get away from our pasts.

1:47 - 2:00

“This generation we say I love you to keep somebody

but if you love yourself you won’t need somebody

.. be yourself don’t try to be somebody”

The scene starts off with Luke far away from the camera - Of which I catch up to him and our shadows are walking side by side. A relationship is ongoing and in the end is a working, living thing. I struggle with loving myself. The emptiness of our silhouettes was to highlight the void a person may feel when they lack self acceptance. The camera is more focused on myself, because it is something that I have been finding rather difficult lately. The camera tilts more toward my footsteps being placed onto the bridge to show that I am making the labored process to actively change my shortcomings.

2:08 - 2:11

“Don’t worry about the haters and all of that

I’ll tell em just to fall back”

Believe it or not, the song continues after this line - I specifically cut off the rest to focus on these two. Being a “public figure” has it’s share of compromises, of which puts you at the mercy of people’s opinions about you. It’s hard to disconnect your views about yourself with those of opinionated strangers.

2:12 - 2:33

The footage goes from a picturesque view to an obscure reflection in a car windscreen. When you look in a mirror, you expect to see yourself staring back at you. The reflection in the car is one that is visibly unclear, as I’m literally looking into the future. I left this footage rolling to show how lost I’ve become with trying to find myself. I am changing, and the road is unclear - Again, picking up the title of the video “Change”

2:33 - End

The last image of the video is of Luke, I reversed a clip that was previously seen in the video. I did this for two reasons - One to convey a changed perspective of an incident. Sometimes you need to go back and revisit things several times until they become clear. Secondly, I wanted to end on him because he is the constant in my life. When times are uncertain, he is always who I turn to, and all change is possible with his support. In the background is also the Hudson, a place that we call home. It is one last reminder that even though we feel the change that is coming, we are still somehow connected to the past.

If you’ve read this far, I really appreciate you taking the time to understand my vision for this video. I thought about explaining this with an audio overlay, but I didn’t want to disrupt anyone’s interpretation of what they were seeing, because art is subjective, and I really thought it would ruin what I was trying to achieve.

I wrote all of this out because I thought it was important to let people see a different side of me, and more specifically how my brain works. I am a thinker - probably an over thinker. I try to put a lot of meaning behind my words and actions. I wanted to share more of who I am, because our relationship as content creator and viewer has changed.

Join me for the upcoming journey <3