Hey all!

I've had a few people ask why the updates have been a little slow as of lately and I thought it was fair just to put a quick little explanation up. I lost a family member a week and a half ago and the funeral was today, and so as you can imagine it's been quite difficult to write. I have SuperAlpha and The Firm nearly ready to go up, they have just a bit more work to do to them however I will have to do that tomorrow.

I plan on returning to my normal update schedule of 3-5 updates a week, and so I just wanted to let everyone know what the score was and assure you that I'm not slipping just yet!

I just want to say thank you because you guys really are the most supportive people and I finally understand what it is to do a job I love, because I get to essentially work for you and you're all fantastic bosses.

Best wishes,