Explanation/Note about Villainess Observation's New Tier
Hi, everyone!

I decided to add a tier on Observation Record of A Self-Proclaimed Villainess' Fiance that can grant patrons access to unedited part not yet published. I usually would finish a part and wait for it to be edited or checked for the translation before publishing it in my site. Hence, I think it would be a nice reward for those who're supporting this series :) There are usually changes made from the first draft I've done to the finished part that I publish, for example corrections or phrasings, etc.

I've decided to put this new reward and tier for this series only because it's the only series that has to wait for editing etc. For other series, I'd usually publish the chapter as soon as I'm done, so yeah, I'm not stocking anything at all. 

Note that the unedited part uploaded here won't be uploaded simultaneously at the moment I post a part to public, but you will definitely gain access to the unedited chapter faster than the edited parts that the public can access. At the very least, you're going to get access to it by a few days faster than public--but the time would depend on how long the editing/checking process would take from when I have finished the part. So, you're going to get access immediately after I finish the part~!

With this tier, I also hope I can give a permanent increase to the monthly release I can pull out (with how it can allow me decrease my real life's workload even further so I can invest more time to translate), instead of increasing the release per month depending on the sponsored chapter queue (temporary increase). I'd be increasing the release rate per month by one part for every 5 patrons in this tier. For patrons who're also donating for this title but are in different tiers, I have noted everything and your contribution will also be counted in increasing the release rate accordingly :)

*Patrons who have pledged for other tiers higher than this tier or equal to this tier will also gain access to this tier's reward, as it's Patreon's system to unlock reward based on the amount pledged, not based on tier... so don't worry about anything, I've got everything covered for you~!

This is my first time trying to implement this system, so I hope it will turn out well and can make everyone happy! ^^ If there's anything you'd like to ask or say, don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your understanding and thanks for your support ^^