Explanation of all Pledge Rewards!
  • "1st/2nd class Early Access to certain discounts, offers and adoptables!"

There's two stages: First and Second class Early Access. First Class Early Access is twice times as early as Second Class Early Access, meaning people in that category have an even higher chance at being the first to nab what they're interested in!
I will post Certain Discounts, Sales, New Offers and Adoptables early for Patrons to check out. It'll give you a time-frame where only a limited amount of people see these things and the chances to get something you might like are much higher. Same also goes for Limited Slots!

  • "Access to WIPs and Progress shots of my art!"

I will post a lot more WIP and general Progress shots here on Patreon and show what I'm working on/what my working progress looks like. It's nothing super special, but it might be interesting!

  • "Access to Tutorials!"

Certain Tutorials I create will probably only be posted to Patreon, or at least for a very long time!

  • "Voting rights on what kind of Tutorials!"

Pretty self-explanatory. =) If there's something you'd like me to explain and show in-depth, you now have a voting right to tell me to do just that.

  • " Monthly: You can submit up to X character refs into a pool I'll occasionally choose from to doodle and experiment! (all SFW!)"

Every month I will open a pool for certain patrons to submit their character refs into. The amount of refs you can submit depends on your pledge, represented by the X. I will randomly use references from this pool for doodles and experimental art, giving you a chance at free, unique art!

  • "Every month you can send up to 3 character references to me and I will definitely draw (at least) one worthwhile, experimental piece of art of one of them for you! (may request NSFW, otherwise SFW!)"

As stated, you will be able to submit up to 3 character references to me on a monthly basis, and I guarantee you to return with at least one full, experimental drawing with one of the characters. For this you can also specify if you'd like to see NSFW work, otherwise it will be SFW!

  • "My eternal gratitude!"

What else is there to say? I'm genuinely incredibly thankful of anybody who chooses to support me financially.  I want to make occasional shout-outs thanking all my patrons!