Explanations & Expectations
The last post I made was in June 2016. Less than a month later, my mom died in a freak accident. This derailed all motivation I had for a very long time. But it's starting to return, and I've resumed working on my game.

In the interim, I've concluded that some of the design choices I had made were sub-optimal, and causing me a lot of difficulty. As such, I've changed those decisions, and started with a nice clean slate. I have started working on the project during my lunch breaks at work, and I'm slowly working out the framework for the new game design.

My desire right now is to be back to approximately where I was previously in the next month, and release another snapshot showing the new direction of the game as far as art style and movement control goes.

Following that, I will be working hard on the AI / autopilot movement code, figuring out how to get it to work smoothly and not just end up orbitting things when it tries to approach. With that fixed, I will resume working on the combat mechanics.

Thank you very much for your patience.

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