Exploring Anti-Capitalist Veganism

What's up, beardos?! This week we are joined by our good friends Callie and Nichole of the Vegan Warrior Princesses Attack! podcast to explore anti-capitalist veganism, a topic that has becoming increasingly a part of their political identity over the past few years. What is capitalism? Is it incompatible with veganism? If we oppose capitalism, how can we practice that within our veganism? 

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The Food:

Cosmic Brewery (Torrance, CA)

Vegana Casera (pop ups in various locations in SoCal)

Avocadamama (pop ups in various locations in SoCal)

The Articles:

What to Know About the "Pegan" Diet, the Trendy New Paleo-Meets-Vegan Lifestyle (Allure)

Burgers That Bleed: Don Lee Farms at Costco (VegNews) & Moving Mountains B12 Burger (Independent) 

San Francisco's Latest Animal-Friendly Law? Banning Fur Sales (Fortune)

Also mentioned in this episode:

The Vegan Vanguard podcast

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