Expose NY Times for Taking Bribes from Carlos Slim
Assignment: Carlos Slim and the NY Times.

Carlos Slim is a Mexican monpolist whose policies have harmed the Mexican people. Since "investing" in the NY Times, critical coverage of his stopped.

We are requesting a 1,500 to 2,500 word expose into Carlos Slim and the Times.

What is Slims' net worth? How much money has his monpolistic practices cost Mexican citizens? Has the standard of living of an entire country suffered due to Slims' monpolistic practices?

When did the Times last write an article critical of Slim?  Did the Times stop covering Slim critically after he "invested" in the Times?

Does the Times adequately disclose Slims' major ownership interest in the Times when writing about the problem of "foreign involvement in U.S. elections"?

Submit your proposal and budget to me.  

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