Expression Meme Fills!
 I scribbled these expression meme fills during my stream yesterday and I wasn’t going to post them because I was having an off day…until I realised it would mean no art this weekend :( I’ve been so busy being a Proper Adult and getting up to speed with commissions and Patreon and undertaking exciting ventures like hanging curtains (I wish I was joking), that I haven’t had a chance to really draw.  

I get a little shy about posting work that I don't consider to be "finished" or where I feel I haven't been able to draw at my best. This is a blog post for another day because I have a lot of feelings about the subject, but there's so much...performance to posting art publicly online, and validation is intrinsicly linked to likes and reblogs - that's just how online culture has been built. So I get a bit of performance anxiety when presenting art that I feel is subpar, knowing that it won't get as much attention as my "good" art.

I hope that I can have some more productive drawing sessions next week!