Extended Preview: Ariel Entranced
Making the extended preview public this month whilst my main channel is locked from uploading. Some troglodyte reported an ancient unlisted (CLOTHED!) shibari choreographed demonstration video that I uploaded back in 2012. Appealed it, but YouTube weren't interested. 

Apparently selling Fifty Shades of Grey through their site is *fine* but genuine kink must be shamed and deleted even if it's tasteful and artistic. 

Channel 2 needs 4000 hours of view time in order to qualify as a YouTube partner, so I hope you guys don't mind!

00:08 Introduction and chatting about last time.
04:25 Induction.
11:50 One Track Mind: Trance should feel like...
13:25 Tranced by the word TRANCE (even when she says it herself).
19:00 Super-Skeptic… until she sees the Pendant.
22:30 Compelled to playfully remove her tights.
23:45 Why are my hands floating? I’m just stretching.
25:00 Call and response mindless mantras.
26:30 All women are playthings! / Radical Feminist switching.
29:20 Inwardly independant, Outwardly a Submissive Wifey!
31:10 Now women's lib Ariel can speak her mind freely!
32:22 Ariel’s honest opinion on fetish bondage and submission.  
33:45 More mindless the longer she sees the pendant.
34:50 Clothes are entirely inappropriate! 

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