Extension Over Grubby Goblins
When you're belittling, feeling awful,

At the point when tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all;

I'm your ally.

At the point when times get repulsive,

Also, companions can't be found,

Like an extension over dirty trolls,

I will lay me down.

Like a scaffold over dingy trolls,

I will lay me down.

Cycle on purple young lady,

Cycle on by.

Your opportunity has come to rise.

Everything you could ever hope for are headed.

Perceive how they rise.

In the event that you require a companion

I'll rise directly behind.

Like an extension over grimy trolls,

I will facilitate your psyche.

Like a scaffold over dirty trolls,

I will facilitate your psyche.

Furthermore, here's to you, Mrs Scavo,

Miss Piggy adores you more than you will know.

Gracious favor you, please Mrs Scavo.

Paradise holds a place for the individuals who rise.

Hello, hello, hello.

Ascend on astounding Gabrielle, ascend on amazing Gabrielle.

What're we going to tell our companions when they say ooh la?

Ascend on surprising Gabrielle, ascend on noteworthy Gabrielle!