Extinct Animals - the "known" secret and experiments
🎈Because I love the history and animals, one day I started to think about to merge these two things together and with some study drawings and an conceptual full art create my first self published book. My all time favourite theme is the Extinct animals and studying the informations about every decade before the man. But this subject is sooo wide that it could has his own wikipedia. So I decided to choose the not so famous decade which is from the 16th century to the year 2000. One of the main reasons of this project is to familiarize people with the problem of the modern extinction, causes and what influence it could have on our world. As I said before, it is something which have been studied for a long time ago before my drawings, I only wanna to show it again on the light😌 And, to be honnest I'm not quite sure how long or big this book would be. If it's the personal project for a few months or for a few years. Who knows😊 For now I have a five animals done, few are waiting for the details and the remains pictures. And I really like the process of it so I know that the amount would much more bigger. In the end of the work I see something like a special eddition of this project. Few pieces with some original parts of art. Some nice and well printed which you would like to have in your home😊