EXTRA ADVENTURE: The Horrors of Hill House

Hey there Guys, Gals, and Adventuring Pals!

So it looks like the poor old oozes aren't going to win next month's poll. I was really hoping to put together an ooze-centric adventure and decided I'd just do it anyway as a bonus! I hope you enjoy it!

Durgen Hillstone always wanted to be a wealthy man. He spent his formative years scrounging and scraping by and was determined not to live that way for the rest of his life. He started a small trading business in his teenage years and now, three decade later, Durgen lives a comfortable life with his wife and three sons. Recently though, a series of unfortunate events have caused Durgen to find himself on the precipice of bankruptcy. At his lowest, he used the last of his wealth to acquire a magic crystal, one that could be used to create beautiful gemstones. The unlikely purchase paid off and soon Durgen's home was overflowing with beautiful gems of various colors and clarities. Unfortunately for him, the crystal was actually a prison for an elder ooze, and every "gem" he created was actually a condensed piece of that ooze's essence. Over time, as the crystal was used more and more, its binding powers began to wane. One day, a portal opened between the two realms causing all the "gems" in the house to reanimate as oozes and attack Durgen and his family. Now it's been weeks since anyone saw Durgen. Someone was sent to his home to check on him, but they never returned. Fearing the worst, a reward has been offered for anyone who can provide information on the whereabouts of Durgen, his family, and the messenger sent to check on him.

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