Extreme Violence/ Life's Drama/ Armageddon - Mods - Improvments/Bug Fixes

I've made some improvements and fixed some bugs found in the listed mods:

Extreme Violence:

  •  Corrected the "Chainsaw Guts" murder to run the correct death animation.
  • "Spray With Machine Gun" murder will now give the correct wounds.
  • The serial killer trait will now show up correctly when killing 3+ sims.
  •  Fixed "Punch Guts" for pregnant sims.

Life's Drama:

  • Sims seeking help from a popular sim will now knock on the front door upon arrival & only talk to your sim when they're outside.
  • Sims seeking help from a popular sim are now included in the "Life's Drama" door lock. 


  • Fixed Supervillains from quests stuck on doing epic battles with a Superhero sim & Vice versa.
  • Fixed helped sims notification text.
  • Fixed quest sims spawnning more sims once you've helped them.
  • Increased the time between autonomous situation occurance.
  • Fixed forces of evil not attacking Superhero sims when showing up from quests.
  • Fixed target sim's feet binding backwards when defeated in an epic battle.

    Other mods are still compatible with the latest patch.

    Thank you for your support! ♥