The Eye of Edelle - Chapter 0: Alisa Prinwood
"Have you heard?" asked the customer to the vendor while picking out produce. "There's something special about the little princess!"

"Yes, it seemed that the royal family was blessed by Goddess Edelle." replied the vendor as she was giving her customer change.
It seemed everybody in Brindam was talking about the little princess even more since that they heard that there was something peculiar about her. People said that she had possessed the power of a goddess, particularly, Goddess Edelle's power. Some said that the little princess was actually a goddess in a form of a human, or even Goddess Edelle's daughter. All of these rumors were circulating around the nation that it had been retold many times and been altered many times too.

It was true that there was something special about Princess Alisa Prinwood. When the little princess opened her eyes, King Roden and Queen Leya were surprised by the sight of their daughter's eyes. The right eye was the color of the sky, much like the eyes of Queen Leya, but the left eye glistened in gold, in which King Roden does not have. They were confused and eventually got worried for their daughter, and so they seek out help from the royal wizard.

The royal wizard examined the little princess. He searched in his library to get answers. After hours of search, he came to the king and queen to tell them what he had found out.

"King Roden, Queen Leya." the royal wizard bowed before them. "I have something to share to you about your daughter's eyes. Specifically, the golden one." he said with a stern voice.

"Tell us, Oswald, we are anxious to know." The king said.

"Well, Your Majesty, your daughter is not ill or anything. It is just that, Goddess Edelle has given her a gift."

The king and queen looked at each other with skeptical looks. "Our daughter has a gift? What is this gift that you speak of?" the queen asked.
"Well, your daughter's left eye is not just any gold eye." Oswald answered. "It is called the Eye of Edelle. I had read that whoever has the Eye of Edelle can bring forth good luck and prosperity, since Goddess Edelle is the goddess of fortune.

"Generally, it brings good fortune to the people around the person that has this gift." Oswald continued, "This means that you, my King, can lead this nation to greater glory with luck by your side."

The king was delighted of what the wizard had told him. He was delighted that he will make the kingdom as well developed as it can be, all because of his daughter.

"But why our daughter? Why not our son, Cedrick? Why did Goddess Edelle gave us this blessing?" the king asked trying to contain his excitement.
The royal wizard answered, "Goddess Edelle chose your daughter because we wizards believe she felt that choosing a female would be much more appropriate, since the goddess is a female. And she gives the blessing of the golden eye to the people who have obeyed her desires and wishes. In this case, you remember your father, King Roderick, had a dream about stopping the War of Three, yes? Princess Alisa having the Eye of Edelle is a reward for heeding her message."

After hearing all these things from the royal wizard, the king and queen looked at each with happy faces. They felt that they had to thank the late King Roderick for stopping the war years ago

"But," the wizard said, interrupting their moment. "But, this gift is also a curse." The wizard had a serious face. The king and queen felt their worry come back to them.
"If people who are mad for riches, for power, knows that one has the Eye of Edelle, they would stop at nothing to get their hands on that person. I had read that people who are hungry for power that kidnapped one that has the golden eye, kills that person for being too impatient to get what he wants." The royal wizard said. The king's eyes widen at what he heard.

The wizard looked down to the red carpet floor, feeling uneasy himself. "They even take out the golden eye out of their eye sockets and keep it for themselves, but the power of the golden eye is useless if the eye is out of the person's body. Such unspeakable things have been done for the Eye of Edelle."

The queen covered her mouth in terror. She can't bare the thought of her daughter being half-blind because of her gift, or worse get killed. "We... We need to protect Alisa. Roden, we must not let anybody know about her gift."

The king nodded in agreement they then set out to create a chamber that was hidden from people. And only the chambermaids, guards, king, queen, and Prince Cedrick know where it was. But then, rumors of the princess's special gift had spread out through the nation. Queen Leya got worried but King Roden assured her that no one will know about the hidden chamber.

The king was wrong. When the king went in to the princess's chamber, he saw a person all dressed in black inside the chamber, about to get princess. The king drew his sword, but the mysterious figure took out a potion and smashed it to a wall revealing a teleportation portal and jumped right in. The king was too late and the portal vanished. He heard his daughter cry and he comforted her.

The queen knew what happened and she got more worried. The king sent soldiers to guard the chamber from any kidnappers. But this seemed not to work because still, the kidnappers always find a way to infiltrate the chamber and almost kidnap the princess. The king and queen could not sleep to fear that their precious daughter could get kidnapped and they won't get to see their daughter again. Then, the king thought of a plan, but he knew his wife would not like it.

His plan was to take Princess Alisa away for a while until she was of age. To keep her safe, he would make his brother, Henry, to take the princess to his travels. Since he moves around so much, kidnappers would not know where the princess be. The queen argued that she does not want to be apart from her daughter, but the king said that it was for the princess's safety. Eventually, the queen agreed to his plan.

One evening, Henry came to his brother to pick up his niece. "Roden, are you sure about this?" he asked. The little princess was sleeping soundly, all bundled up in a golden cotton blanket; it had the crest of Brindam sewn on it. The king and queen looked at her longingly. The queen turned to her back to cover her tears.

The king comforted her then looked at his brother, "Yes, I am certain that you can protect our daughter. Since you are a veteran from the War of Three."

"Brother, you fought in that war, too." Henry put his firm hand on King Roden's shoulder.

"Yes, but you are a better fighter than me." King Roden looked at the scar that Henry had on his face. He remembered that he had that scar because Henry saved him in the war from a wizard that conjured an energy bolt that could've killed him. "Which is why I trust you with my daughter."
"Okay, I will protect her with my life." Henry then took Princess Alisa from King Roden's arms and cradled her in his.

"Ah, before you go, I want you to have this." King Roden handed him a box and inside was a crystal necklace, a black ring, and a gold ring with the name "Prinwood" engraved on it. +

"The black ring and the crystal necklace are gifts for Alisa's birth from the kings for Aufilia and Nodia, though the black ring was received recently." King Roden said.

He then held the gold ring in his fingers. "This gold ring... it has the will of the Prinwood family, so please give this to her when you tell her about her identity. Give these to her on her 18th birthday."

The next day, it was announced that Princess Alisa had gone missing. It had created a stir among the kingdom and they felt that there was no hope looking for the princess due to her exceptional gift. But in reality, Henry left with his niece in his arms. He knew that protecting her will be tough but he would also take care of her as if she was his own.