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The eye of Ramalach 139: The Queen's Dolls
Hello everyone! What has happened this month? Quite a lot to be honest. First and most important, this november my parents have their 40th wedding anniversary. My two sisters and I decided to gift them a wholy paid trip to a destination of their choosing. And after a lot of saving i managed to get my part for them. 40 years or marriage is a huge deal in my opinion, they have stayed together that long and i wanted to show some appreciation. Specially since i am the youngest in my family and i have spent most of my life watching them in their older part of their life. I am a bit sad by that but all i can do is care for them and try to be grateful for the rather pleasant life they have managed to give me so far. Other than that, you guys know that my job at the newspaper is rough a lot of the time. But this week i got one of the perks of working on it. Since several big events use our outlet for announce themselves, we often get free tickets for them. This past week i managed to get several passes for the Disney Orchestra and boy was it amazing! Having 60 musicians and 6 singers playing a lot of the great tracks and medleys. Though i did notice that Tangled, Pirates of the Caribbean and Frozen got a way bigger ovation from the public than the rest of the music. This is also the first concert i have ever attended in my life. It was quite the experience. ^^
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