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The Eye of Ramalach 156: The Queen of Agapism
Well... i am carless for now. There is an electrical issue with my Ibiza that causes a cease of the hidraulic guidance sysem. So my steering wheel becomes hards as rock and is impossible to use properly. I left my car at a garage... i just hope i don't have a nice cash surprise waiting for me. XD

Also, today is my father's birthday, he is in his mid sixties and still going. I just hope i manage to do as well as him in the future. >_>

Last weekend there was a comic convention here in Monterrey, i went there just to visit my friends. It is good to see them all active and productive. I also went there to get streetpasses... yeah... >_>

I also had a little moral letdown with myself which some friends managed to get me out of. Now i am planning an interesting project i will show in the future. Hoping to add it to my portfolio. I have also been asking some people i know about career advice when it comes on how to properly prepare. Been learning a lot lately, which is awesome.

Take care guys! ^^

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