eye unalome 5" x 12"
This is a unalome. The unalome is a  spiritual symbol. In Buddhism, the unalome represents the journey and struggles of life, spiraling outward from the center, expanding and turning, until one reaches enlightenment, signified by the long, straight line. 

Each unalome is different, just like each of our individual journeys.  The twists, the turns, the trials, the triumphs; each of them is representd. Each turn of the paintbrush into a new direction is a tiny piece of light entering our awareness. 

Each of us has our own story, our own reasons, and meet understanding at different times on different levels. This symbol is also inspiration to enjoy the journey, and repect that each person is at a unique point in a personal labyrinth. A reminder that just as others have been patient with you while you learn your life lessons, you are so encouraged to be patient with yourself and others.  

Things don't always change for the better overnight, but when they appear to, it is usually a result of a seriesof temporary failures followed by persistence in succeeding. Tempering each of us, our abilities, our outlook, etc. until we are again one with all that is.