EZAnime - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Part 2) Ft. Kyle Bosman and Brandon Jones
Hey everyone! Here's the supplemental EZAnime episode with Brandon Jones and Kyle Bosman. Since it's our first time having guests on the show, we really wanted to focus on their perspective. Brandon Jones is largely a newcomer to anime and he offers an outsider's take. Kyle Bosman provides the kind of insight that only Bosman can which is both passionate and entertaining.

Unfortunately, neither Brad or myself have had much of a chance to dig into parts 5-8 yet, which I know is a disappointment to many of you. It's just been a bizarrely busy time with reviews, other shows, and secret projects. I do however absolutely want to get through the remaining parts at some point, possibly warranting a JoJo part three (!).

I hope you enjoy the episode. There are spoiler-marked timestamps in the description. Below is a SoundCloud link if you'd like to download the audio version. EZAnime is currently being approved on both iTunes and Google Play, so it should be available on those services shortly. We're working on uploading past episodes and that should happen relatively soon. Also, there will be a separate post for the patron-exclusive RSS feed.

FINALLY, the Steins;Gate episode will premiere sometime (probably late evening) on April 30. The poll will go live when the episode does. The theme for the next poll will be comedy, so if you have any final recommendations now would be the time to voice them.

Thanks everyone!



SoundCloud link - https://soundcloud.com/ezanime/jojo-part-2-audio

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