F*ck Society (video)
I just watched this and it gave me chills. This is where I feel stuck so much of the time. I know nothing is black and white and there's always good with the bad. We all screw up and just because someone's not perfect doesn't mean they should be vilified, but so much seems to be going wrong right now that we are refusing to acknowledge, let alone deal with, and that puzzles me. We definitely medicate, I do it every day. I take as much as I can then it's games or music on, world off, but medicating rather than living... that's horrifying to me.

Ultimately we need to have balance. I don't see the dark as evil, and I do worry about when we focus too much on the light, pinning everything as positive - says the token Pollyanna. ;-)

This thing we've built though, this society, it's not right. It feels broken to me. I know so many others who feel the same. Some of us actually see it, but feel helpless to change it. Maybe it isn't meant for us to change it, maybe this is simply the parameters of the world we get this time through and that's our job, to deal. To feel the pain, see the disconnect, and find someway to live and love anyway. I don't have the answers, but this haunts me more often than I'd care to admit.