F*ck this Sh*t Friday*
*yes or no? Is this a fun weekly feature? Do you just really like asterisks?

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Here's a photo of Faylin Lynx (I promise I'll post stuff from other models, but she's a: excellent and b: very recent in my shoot queue!) from a set we shot together for sexy cosplay website Geek Goddess (NSFW)! Those of you who know me well know that I dig into very specific niches of nerd culture, and let me just tell you the ladies on this site absolutely blow me out of the geek girl water. They go deep into their fandoms. 

This set features Faylin's original characterization of the Mad Hatter! She let me do her makeup, and we combined our collections of dainty dishes and teacups to use as props. We shot it in my home studio, and I spent the following week vacuuming up sugar, mopping up tea, and shampooing almond milk out of my rug. Maybe we ARE all a little mad here, after all. 

This was my first studio shoot of 2016. To my incredible dismay when I began prepping my space a few hours before Faylin arrived I realized my flash trigger wasn't working, and was making a funny rattling noise, leaving me panicked (pun!) that my trigger was broken instead of just in need of a battery replacement. And I have the one camera model that doesn't have a PC sync port to make a wired connection.

I called Kelly, to see if I could borrow one of David's triggers (the advantage to having the same light system as all your friends) but she wasn't home. She did, however, remind me that I could probably sync my lights to a hotshot flash or speedlite. It was a headache of a workaround, but we shot the set and the results were good. I did end up with a lot of unusable frames where the speedlite fired but my strobe didn't because my head was between them or something. In a 12'x12' space, sometimes life is nothing but getting in your own way, right?

post script: fixed my trigger with a $7 replacement battery--way cheaper than a new $70 trigger! Still no idea what the rattling noise was though. Snakes maybe.