F.U.C.K. ver.1.1.2 out now !
Hello everyone !

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Well it's been a pretty long time I didn't talk to you guys.

Several reason, but the main one is I'm currently losing my job, you may guess I can't afford being without a job so I'm currently actively looking to be recruted anywhere to get money in.

Another reason for the release to be late as hell is that my clouded computer crashed and it took very long to get it back, I just got the datas back thanks to the support (hurray to them, they rock !) and am currently waiting for the process to be done.

Something else happened because a week ago, I was going to send a message and tell you everything, then as I was finished, my hands slipped and I PreviousPaged... I was so angry I couldn't rewrite it and I didn't take time to do so, sorry about it...

It this post I was telling you everything that happened to me, some nice, some not at all, and as I think of it, it's rather nice you didn't get to read it, it was pretty sad.

Well anyway, brand new update, also celebrating the very first update of the Public Version. I'm very proud to finally get it out.

As soon as I get my CloudComputer back, I'll be rerendering to get more sex scenes, as this is the thing that lack the most in the game, I'm aware of it.

Also, I see that I really don't post that much, so I'm going to force myself to do so.
Here, I'm announcing two things :

"F.U.C.K. me it's Sunday !"

Every Sunday, I'll do a post to talk about the future update, what I'll add to it. What are my feelings for it, everything about the game really.

"Tavern Talk with Grimar"

Every Wednesday, I'll talk about anything. Really anything. We'll see.

Hope you guys will like your updates, see you soon !

- Grimar out.

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