FA: Chapter One (nsfw) Available for ALL Patron Tiers

Major Rogue + Apprentice tiers Announcement!

Now that the Faulty Apprentice Chapter Two adventure has begun, we have a special announcement! Chapter One (NSFW) is now available to ALL Patrons! Yes, the uncensored version normally costing $10 is now accessible for Rogue and Apprentice tiers for a low as $2! 

If you have ever considered supporting us, this is a supremely choice time to jump in. Not only will you now get a NSFW download key to Chapter One, but you will also immediately get access to hundreds of retro-rewards such as concept art and image sets!

Get your Faulty Apprentice: Chapter One NSFW download key from itchio now! 

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Chapter Two has begun! Will you become the Champion of Stars Reach? 
Archery Training Milestone coming to Knight tiers+ Friday March. 15, 2019! 

  • *Available for beta testing for Royal Guard tier!

Thank you for playing Faulty Apprentice!  
Din + AGL team

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