Fabulous Secrets 04 - Dialog Tangents
This time I talk with Gregg Schigiel, host of the Stuff Said podcast and artist on the Spongebob Comics series. Together we discuss lettering (or sound design) in comics and prepping for conventions, and Gregg makes a layered and elaborate metaphor for feeling like an outsider in your field. There was a little bit of Skype buffering in this episode, but I think the discussion is fun despite it. Links mentioned in this episode: The Stuff Said podcast - http://stuffsaidshow.com The Stuff Said episode with Chris Duffy - http://stuffsaidshow.com/?p=1028 Gregg's website - http://hatterentertainment.com Chris Giarrusso - http://www.chrisgcomics.com Kids Read Comics - http://kidsreadcomics.org The American Library Association Annual Conference - http://ala14.ala.org