When I need to take a break from creating a fresh new Hell, I challenge myself with other, quick little drawings.  Like this I did from my personal favorite scene, Batman Returns.

I've always wanted to draw that image up so I decided to use charcoal for both characters and ink for Catwoman's suit.  Like usual, it always starts with a loud doubt in head, the first line drawn nearly convinces me to quit right there and then.  Then after erasing, drawing and erasing more and just riding the creative flow, at the end of pulling an all-nighter, I looked at the finished product and asked, "I did this?"

So, aside from the comic book series, I need to stretch my creative muscles from time to time.  If you like this, you can see this and more on my art page at theloudestintrovert.deviantart.com and let me know what you think.

Thank you!