Facebook Live Stream @ 3pm (PDT)
hey patreon familia...

Few things:

1.) I have a new video that will be posted for you this afternoon :)

2.) I have another short audio snippet I want to share with you - it's the beginnings of a new song :)

3.) I will be live streaming via Facebook (my music page) at 3pm (PDT) today - April 17th.  All you gotta do is be logged in to your Facebook and look for my live stream on my page.

THANK YOUS! (some specifics)

RICH - The snail mail package is/was awesome!!! thank you & thank you for the note to explain it all =) I have it all up in my room! Tyty thought it was pretty cool!  *I have some online social networking brainstorming to run past you!*

HEIDI - Thank you for the postcard! You KNOW how much I love getting mail and your words were timely and appreciated.  

CHRIS - Thank you for making it out to the little house show/lawn show.  Your presence there was comforting and the recordings will help me document this whole process/endeavor of live gigs.  

NICOLE - Thank you for being there...for sticking around until the end and sharing pizza and a conversation with me afterwards.  Your friendship is precious.

ALLI- WOMAN, you have been to more of my lil' gig (and attempted gigs) than I can count your presence at these music functions is so valuable.  I hope it's worth your time because I just really love having you near...the folks who get to chat with you are better for it.

Thank you Patreon Ohana for sticking with me.  I haven't been back in the studio yet but that is underway and Tyson and I are planning a couple local PNW gigs this summer that we can pair with some mini road trips.  I will keep you posted.

as always...I appreciate you and hope you are all well.