Facebook Notes Update - How to use new Facebook Notes Feature

So did you know that Facebook has an area called notes?Yup notes. I used to use notes to hold all of my recipes for parties that I used to share with my friends when they asked how I made my delish dish. But for the most part no one on Facebook really uses notes anymore. I mean there’s a couple of poets who throw their things in their. There’s also a couple of moms that use these lists to share things with each other. But there was really no reason to use notes because it really wasn’t useful. I practically forgot about notes until I heard that Facebook was coming out with an upgraded, updated,”new new” notes area. So let’s talk about the update for Facebook notes. If you ask me, Facebook is really trying to take over the world… well at least the digital world. But seriously anything that is everything in the digital world is something that Facebook has to take over but I’m not mad at them… I absolutely love Facebook.

 We know that today in the digital world you have to be a blogger to make any kind of money right (says the vlogger that does not blog). This new update shows me that Facebook really wants to create a blog area so people can stop using Facebook ads to push people to their blogs and just keep them on Facebook all day. You don’t believe me right let’s talk about the dates and you’ll see what I mean. Before I get into the new updates let me explain to you how Facebook introduces the upate notes “Notes are an even better way to write a longer post and share with anyone whether it’s a small group of friends are everyone on Facebook.”  Key Features

  1. Cover Photo – Add cover photos similar to blog post feature images
  2. Add In-line Images – Upload and resize images in your post
  3. Headings – Create Heading 1 or Heading 2 to format your post
  4. Formatted Text – Format text using Bold, Italics, Mono (plain text)
  5. Links – Add links (TIP: Link back to a video or blog post)
  6. Lists – Add bulleted or numbered lists
  7. Tag – You can tag other Facebook Users, Pages or groups in your posts
  8. Formatted Quotes – Properly formatted quote blocks


MY CLOSING THOUGHTS I know Facebook loves us and wants us to say on Facebook all freaking day however I still think you should use this to take your information off-line and lead people to your site. The whole point of advertising and marketing on Facebook is to get people on your list, on your site, and looking for your services.

 Although this is a great feature and I’m sure this would be times of marketing items available for this and hopefully some data and analytics to see how well it’s doing. Let’s keep in mind the end goal here. We don’t want all our people to stay on Facebook.  We want to get people off of Facebook and onto our sites and our list so they can fall in love with us <3. SO HERE’S HOW YOU SHOULD USE IT….

  • Blog – Write a teaser, intro or half of an article and post it to Facebook Notes to entice your audience. Include images just as you would any other article. Then bring them back to your blog or site for the full deets.
  • Webinar – If you’re doing a webinar or freebie, you can add some of your copy into the post and or some free tips and tricks to get your audience to sign up. Then bring them back to your landing page with a link.
  • Personal Touch – Your personal page shouldn’t be used for business so maybe this is the time to start shareing more of yourself. Do a public journal, share personal thoughts of encouragement. Be you. Be creative.

 So overall I have to give kudos to Facebook for updating their notes area. I think it’s a great marketing idea  and we can use this and tons of ways. I am definitely going to start using this seeing as I am being digitally peer pressured into blogging. But I will never leave the idea of leading people to my site. So are you going to start using notes?  If so, what will you be posting about? Leave your comments below and please share with your friends.If you’d like to learn more about the power of Facebook for marketing, download my Free eBook