#FaceOff - Season 9, Episode 2 "Siren Song"
Our full allotment of contestants join McKenzie on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter George Cobb. They journey past dolphins, light houses, seagulls, and eventually learn about their next challenge as the ship tilts and lists. It turns out the Coast Guard is celebrating its 225 year anniversary. This factoid turns into an awkward segue to our spotlight challenge...creating beautiful and deadly sirens.

The contestants break into teams of two and pick a sea creature (labeled on bright red life preservers) as inspiration for their sirens:

  • Kevin & Meg (textile cone snail): A beautiful thing that comes out of her shell using her fluted fingers to play an instrument that releases pheromones into the air, luring them into her midst before revealing nasty, sharp teeth to sink into her victim.
  • Sidney & Omar (Portuguese man o' war): A warrior princess.
  • Evan & Jason (peacock mantis shrimp): A geisha assassin using the colors of the shrimp with dagger hands.
  • Brittany & Nora (flabellina nudibranch): Nobody knows what this is (turns out it's a sea slug).
  • Missy & Libby (striped surgeonfish):
  • Ricky & Ben (blue seaslug): A ridged creature with a bustier kind of look.
  • Jordan & Jasmine (yellow boxfish): A siren who is poisonous to the touch with a little bondage look.
  • Scott & Stevie (blue ringed octopus): Beautiful enough to get men close but deadly enough to keep them there, with octopus-like suckers on her appendages.

Using sea creatures guarantees that the makeups are very different from each other in form and color. As suspected, skipping an elimination in the first episode means there are two today, so both members of the losing team gets the boot.


  • Jason & Evan
  • Jordan & Jasmine
  • Ricky & Ben
  • Scott & Stevie

Top Looks

  • Kevin & Meg
  • Nora & Brittany

Bottom Looks

  • Missy & Libby
  • Sidney & Omar


  • Meg, due to her cowl work

Going Home

  • Sidney, due mostly to him not doing much
  • Omar, also not doing much

You can watch this episode online.

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