#FaceOff: Season 9, Episode 10 "Freak Show"
Face Off returns with an episode focusing on...ugh, freaks. Our contestants walk into a room with seven models and seven weapons. The Foundation Challenge requires an intimidating tribal warrior makeup (applied to the models' entire bodies) inspired by a unique weapon. Robin Mathews visits as guest judge to review the finalists. It's not easy; this was one of the rare times that everyone did an awesome job. Meg and Scott are finalists, but Scott ultimately wins immunity.

As someone who worked with the disabled as an intern, I became very sensitive to the concept of "freaks" which are human beings just like everyone else. So it's always disappointing when the term "freak" is thrown around. However, the concepts are pretty high level so not quite as offensive as they might be at first blush.

  • Nora (Lobster Larry): More drama from Nora, who is reshaped as Larry the Mobster Lobster, a 40s-style gangster who still looks like a lobster.
  • Meg (Inside-Out Oscar): A skin disease that causes him to molt, which means his brain will be exposed.
  • Evan (Moon Girl): A girl who was struck by a meteor and has bad acne. I guess this is the joke behind craters but it seems weird. Mr. Westmore puts him on a better track with a crescent-faced character instead.
  • Scott (Twisted Tom): A skin condition that causes a twisted, deformed look.
  • Stevie (Icicle Irma): Born with a blue icy skin condition that makes her famous but also causes someone to throw acid on her face, which leaves half her face with melted icicles.
  • Jordan (Elephant Lady): An elephant trunk combined with elephantitis.
  • Ben (The Human Peacock): The presenter of the show in a suit with a collar that has a bunch of peacock feathers. His nose looks like a beak (I guess that's the peacock part?).

Here's how they played out:


  • Scott
  • Jordan
  • Stevie

Top Looks

  • Nora
  • Ben

Bottom Looks

  • Meg
  • Evan


  • Ben (deserved, much better than last week's episode!)

Going Home

  • Meg (NOOOOT! NOT MEG!)

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