Factory Fast Records Compilation
The label contact us about 7 months ago ( About May/June 2016) originally through the band, The Shambolic, who are signed to them.  They are an independent American label. They cater for many music genres and release 7 track CD compilations and one artist releases. This is the reason we like them as we cater for all genres of music as well.

We decided to play a compilation every week. A lot of the compilations have various styles.   We mentioned two compilations here, Another Revolution, which features well known trible, punk creator, Jesus Hooligan. He contact the label after finding out about them our radio shows, The second compilatoion is Salvezza. This because of some songs that really stand out. By Shirley Said ( Electro/ band and Virginia Dupew ( Alternative new age)

This is our first vlog.Want the full version, a different cut, the audio from is or just the comedy from a months vlog?  Support us in any way you can


Dog and Crow