Fading by Venza

Well, this one was released a few months ago but still, will be my first post, YAY!

I get inspiration from anywhere like a full-time job, I feel the sun feeding my skin, I see the wind gently waving my hair, I hear the birds singing songs about their adventures and crazy nights at the club while consuming a crazy amount of dr... CUT!

Now for real, while I was doing this song I was thinking on how cool will be to hear this covering a visual story, imagine this on a TV spot, or in a random Youtube video created by someone. 

The first thing didn't happened yet and the second one ...YES and I'm so glad to see that people do cool things with my art but really, music inspires us, while listening you can see his story or your story, so I guess that makes me a Hollywood director or writer... Not really but don't think I don't want that, to make this possible I've combined a diverse choice of sounds like big synths, big BASS, pitched vocals (The Catchy Spot), sweet drums all around, energy, summer feel and priceless tons of work.

That's pretty much it, and don't forget;

Vibes, always vibes.