Experimenting with no specific goal in mind... is good practice for just being in process and letting go of tense, perfectionist intentions. There's more room for the unexpected if you're willing to live in the uncomfortableness (is that a word? 😉) of that space. It's not easy for me... especially because some (many!) experiments fail. There's a sign that I used to drive past when I lived in Portland that said "Fail Harder"... It stuck with me and I searched online to learn more about it. I found an article that said the sign was created to remind creatives of the importance of failure during the creative process. I've added this experimentation and being open and even inviting failure into my creative practices. I'm bringing more exercises and studies into my daily process. I've added this experimentation and being open to (and even inviting!) failure into my practice. It's awkward and uncomfortable. I'm looking forward, however, to what this practice will teach me! More soon! Wishing you a marvelous Friday! Janece