Failing Hard Drive(s)
Hello everyone! If you haven't followed me on Twitter I just wanted to let you know what's up. I recorded a video to be released Christmas day and was exporting it Christmas Eve when suddenly my D:\ drive disappeared from the file manager. Poof. Just gone.

A restart brought it back, I wiped the cold sweat from my brow and tried to render the Christmas video again. Poof go the D:\ drive again. Some backstory... D:\ is a RAID 0 array of two striped 512Gb drives that act as a single 1 TB drive at (theoretically) a speed twice that of either one operating alone. It's also where I keep all my project files; videos recorded that haven't been edited yet, title cards, soundFX, CC0 music collection; etc.

I'm doing a little bit of a mislead with this story because, in fact, you DON'T know where this is going. I'm a certified PC technician with a decade of professional experience (this is before I became a Zen monk, left the monastery, became a janitor and started a YouTube channel) so I know what I'm doing with this stuff. And what I've found is that this single file - the raw recording of the Christmas episode - was either corrupted when I transferred it from my Capture drive onto D:\, or it was written onto a physically damaged sector of one of the two disks.

Reading a certain part of that file causes the partition to instantly go offline. It doesn't appear in disk management. It's just totally gone, even at the hardware level, (I now believe) until restart. It wouldn't happen like this if it weren't a RAID arrayed disk, but long-story nearing conclusion: If I touch this file, the partition punches out and goes home to have dinner with the wife and kids.

So... Two things: 1.) May have to re-record the Christmas episode and release it this week. No biggie there. It's annoying but not a hair-pulling frustration even if I had the hair left to pull. 2.) I can't trust my RAID array anymore.

Even if its just a corruption in the partition table that could be corrected by destroying and recreating the partition, and not a physical drive failure in progress, I have no way of knowing for sure one way or the other. So it's got to go. And since the D:\ drive is two drives acting as one, I have to assume that one of them is dying and I don't know which.

So what I'm going to do is, backup the 600Gb's or so of data to my other drives. Delete the D:\ drive partition. Kill the RAID 0 array. And turn the two 512Gb disks into a RAID 1 parity drive, where the same information is simultaneously written to both disks so that in the event of the failure of one, the other contains every bit of data the dead drive had up to the nanosecond of failure.

What does any of this have to do with Patreon? Uh, nothing really. Just wanted to chat. ;)

On a completely unrelated note, sorry for no Christmas video. It'll be coming, belated. And the next video or three may or may not come out in a slightly wonky order just so I can get you something while I'm straightening out my PC.

But on the bright side, I'm off work until the first Monday of 2016! So I have the time to tackle all of this, get back on schedule, AND do some new crazy stuff that you guys are really going to love!

...or hate.

I don't know what you're into! Get off me, man! MY D:\ DRIVE IS DYING!


See you at the Sunday livestream. :D