Failure & Making Mistakes (free article)
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Artists who are starting out, “worrying about failing, or making mistakes” is something you hear too often, it’s something that comes up in conversations I have with other artists more often than anything else. What do I include in my portfolio? Do I need a degree? Have you ever missed a deadline? When did you start working? How much do you charge? Is it OK to e-mail an Art Director if you’ve never worked for them? How did you get where you are Today? The answer is..

I did everything you asked and more, and sometimes I made mistakes, sometimes I got lucky, sometimes I worked my ass off.. and in the end, it worked out or it didn't. There was a time when I literally felt that I just couldn’t complete the job. I was frustrated and in 6 years I had never given up or felt the need to cancel a contract. When I told this to my client, they didn’t just give in and accept what I told them — they called me up and talked me through it.

So the point is, don’t be afraid to fail and don’t be afraid to take chances. It may be difficult to accept defeat or overcome an obstacle in the heat of the moment, but I can assure you that it will only last a short while.

You’re going to make mistakes, so you might as well make your own. If you want to go places in this industry you have to be willing to take chances. Deciding which job to accept and which to turn down can be detrimental to a successful career but it’s all part of the learning process.

I can tell you about some awful business transactions and how much it sucked to get caught in those situations, but I’m all the better for it and I’m learning not to make those mistakes again. I’m sure I’ll still screw up in the future, or get caught working for someone who is unprofessional and untrustworthy but hopefully it will be less often.

Not everyone who is talented is successful and not all of those who are successful are as talented. Some people work hard at it and others catch a lucky break, but you have to be willing to open the door and see where it leads. It’s the only way to start, otherwise it’s already over.

It’s all part of the learning experience.

- Mike 

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