there is stuff coming your way. 

Hopefully Christoph and I will this week finish the song I wrote right after the amazing birdeatsbaby left - 

this overwhelming act from Brighton who I think many of you know already stayed with us for a few day and played 2 shows with us. A highly inspiring experience, and a shitload of fun! And I managed to use the money on patreon (that is, what YOU gave) to buy a new recording device just in time for that show when my old one gave up, which not only means I recorded both their and our gigs in perfect quality but I now also have great new means of creating! 

So a new song raged itself out of me. I´m still not through (and I doubt I ever will) with the topic of harrassment and abuse, #metoo brought a lot to the surface but as viral things are, it´s almost forgotten already. I thought I might go a step further and write a song that tries to lend a victim a voice. Most of them don´t have one, and as we have seen in #metoo, even those who have, don´t use it easily. 

So this is coming out next, it´s going to be bitter, dark, and angry, and it´s called Please Die. Consider this a warning.

Parallel, I´ll upload a new version of RESTART FROM ZERO, directly into the original post, I´ll repost the link though, but that will not charge your cards as the song already exists. It only sounds better now, and has cello :-D

After that, before the end of the year, you are going to get not one, but two or maybe even THREE more things (so, if you want or need to, PLEASE check your monthly limit!!!): 

see the Swing musical I made in Berlin, 

read the first treatment of the SCIENCE FICTION MOVIE (very much open for discussion but patreon-only!!), 

and the very special event will be the song I made with Mishkin Fitzgerald, lead singer of birdeatsbaby! 

We premiered it Sunday night in Berlin, and it´s going to be BREATHTAKING in the recording. I will use the money the abuse song gathers here to fly to Italy in December to finish the song and make a video with Mish.  

I love my life.

Thank you SO MUCH for making this possible.

Tell more to come, and join the family! You see I use what you give me :-D Share this post, and all other public ones. The Spaceship Crew must grow!

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