Fairyblossom 2016 Highlights!

Jul 1, 2016

Thank you all for a FAEry great 2nd Year!  Here are some of the highlights of the festival for everyone to enjoy. <3  Thank you to Dragonwyck Web Design LLC for being our official photog, as well as the many patrons who have shared their pictures!

Craft & Food Merchants

1. Bosom Baubles
2/3. Fairy Bliss
4. Bathologie
5. Mindee’s Jewelry
6. Skydragons
7. Tye Dye Chyld
8. Soap and Clay
9. Turner Forge
10.Turner Forge Demos
11. Raindrops on Roses
12. Fairy Dust Creations
13/14. Shaughnessy’s
15. Bri’s Top and Bottom
16. Katerina’a Paparazzi Accessories
17. Forest Whimsy
18. The Tinker’s Daughter
19. The Lost Stoat
20. Willow-the-Wisp
21. Gift Shoppe / INFORMATION
23. Love Medusa Crafts
24. Art of Suiter: Guest of Honor Artist!
25/26. Best Sin
27. The Enchanted Face Painter
28. The Creative Block & Andromeda Enterprises
29. Redwolf, Ltd.
30. Dragonswood
31/32. Earth Light Magic
33. Ageless Treasures
34. Hearthstone Fables
35. In Harmony Goddess Traditions
36. Scarlett’s Fairy Garden
37. Adorn thy Hair by Brenda the Braider
38. Inspire Every Child
39. Sandy’s Henna Experience
40. Isles of Day
41. One2Charisma
42. Ravencraft, LLC
43. Fireless Forge
44. Shadolyte Creations
45. Dark Ages Games
Roaming Vendor: Forever Faeries

Food Court

F3. Heritage Foods
F2. SasQrunch
F4. CJs Roasting
F5. CJs Roasting
F6. Aesir Meadery

Featured Acts, Shows and Demos!

Adria the JugglerA true PNW favorite, Adria livens any atmosphere with laughter and…rubber chickens!  Specializing in the knife and sword juggling, the Chinese yo-yo and “toilet” humor (that’s right, she actually does all this whilst giving you a history lesson on the invention of the toilet), you won’t want to miss her show.

Bryan SapphireA circus-trained, juggling, clowning, fire eating, balloon specialist, and escape artistry.  He is a member of the Academy of Magical Arts, Inc. The Magic Castle, CA.  If you haven’t seen him balance the rolla-bolla whilst throwing bowling pins in the air, you’ll want to be sure to stop in and see his fun-tastic show at our event!

Cavort will offer a variety of songs and instrumentals throughout the festival, from hearty sea shanties, to pub songs, to tales of loss at sea, and betrayal at the altar. Good hearty Irish songs, of course, sung with a smile!

Dan Blunk is a jazz and bamboo flautist from Olympia.  In Olympia, Dan studied with the legendary Bert Wilson. After settling in Olympia, Dan returned to college and attended The Evergreen State College, studying expressive and performing arts, earning his Bachelor of Arts in 2003.

Falstaff Arpeggio Artist, musician, singer, wannabe chef, I dabble in many arts. I've loaded most of my artwork here, and prints are available! http://www.loldragon.com/

Mystery Soda Mystery Soda is an acoustic band playing comedy rock songs about thing like He-man, the hulk & ninja turtles.

Patchworth the Clown is a PNW balloon twister and family friendly entertainer!  He’ll be roaming the magical realm of Fairyblossom so when you see him, be sure to approach and see what fun he’ll twist up for you.

The Phlame Crew is a diverse group of professional fire performers. We play drums and music and provide a verity of fire acts. Check them out on YouTube!

Serena the Mermaid is swimming all the way across the Pacific and up the river to the Fairyblossom Festival in Chehalis, WA where she’ll be a delight to children of all ages. Come close, tell the mermaid your wish and receive a an oceanic bauble from Serena to help your wish come true. Traveling the human world in her clam shell, she will be sure to bring magic to any birthday or event. Serena and her bag of whosits and whatsits galore is a great guest for pool and beach themed parties or for anyone that just wants a glimpse under the sea!

Toy Box Pole Dance Troupe is a group from Tacoma, WA specializing in pole dancing shows and aerial arts for parties, events, festivals and more! Come see their evening show at Fairyblossom and get a preview of what will be in store here: YouTube Circus Vixen Show

Zoupa de Zonia! Take one part traditional Commedia del Arte, add a dash of modern and classic comedic influence, sprinkle in a smattering of daring sword combat and mix together with a heaping helping of the unexpected…and there you have the perfect recipe for the hilarity that is the Soup of Dreams or a we are known.

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