Happy Friday everyone!  I'm changing it up this week, and instead of our usual #FriendlyFriday post, I give you #FairytaleFriday!  

What is Fairytale Friday you ask? That is an excellent question! If you're already a fan, then you are well aware of my particular obsession with all things fairytale.  In particular, my Fairytale Rants, in which I give you the low-down on fairy tales as originally told by the Grimms, Andrew Lang, Hans Christian Andersen, and others. (And if you're a new fan, don't worry, you'll catch on quick!)

Today I'm ranting about the Grimm's fairy tale "Foundling." This fairy tale was the basis for the character Trix in the Woodcutter Sisters series...fans of Enchanted will especially enjoy seeing how aspects of this tale were woven into the novel. 

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Decorative lei hairpiece, courtesy of Carolina Johnson. (Thanks, Carolina!)



Princess Alethea