Fairytales and Lace - Oil Painting Portrait of Girls Reading a Book
New art!
In the middle of that situation last month (See previous post) I was working on this painting. I am so thankful to have an outlet like this where I can zone out for a bit and loose myself in the process of creation.
"Fairytales and Lace"
9x12" Oil on panel
A collector recently approached me to paint them a small piece of girls reading a book. Of course I knew exactly which girls to paint. :)
For those who aren't already familiar, an enchanting model session last year with my daughter(lower right), a neighbor girl, and artist buddy Talya Johnson led to the creation of this painting. What fun we had playing with the different types of fabric, flowers, and props! It took us all to another time, one that I enjoyed capturing in paint. Depicting a scene reminiscent of long ago, where the act of reading was often frowned upon for girls whose lives were expected to conform to a series of restrictions and rules. Learning and knowledge were often reserved for males. I cannot imagine living in such a time. I would be like these girls, completely oblivious to any social expectation contradicting my insatiable hunger for knowledge. Here's to the girls who read anyway! Your legacy lives on and we are grateful!

This painting is the second one I have created from that model session and it has been so rewarding to see how I have grown and changed just since I attempted it last. The things that gave me grief the first time were much less complicated this time. What a cool experience!

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