Faith is an active component of spiritual mechanics ... connects your spirit and God; as God manifest your script ...; if not have enough faith to do something instantly ... not a problem, you have to work at it now, especially in your soul ... For the soul must be ok, clean and healthy body .... otherwise it does not work.

A thief is not going to break a house if he does not believe ...; an auto mechanic not get to work if he does not believe that we can fix ...
if somebody thinks that something can not, that is not too bad, is simply his faith ....

for example, when someone calls you? react instantly ... .we not sit to thinking; or when open, front door ... the same; the beginning is necessary to know but then enter the line of faith.

faith is just pragmatic ... although ... .in generally occurs unconsciously ... , This is not a general rule;
that faith is or is not .... if 99% is not faith ... needs work.

When you 100% means that you see; by faith is manifested instantly scenario ...

If we take as reference a pyramid at its base is the knowledge and belief peak.

There is a trick but it needed three men take a bottle and you fill with water; call someone who does not know what it is (but who trusts you) and ask to go to a third person with notice that it is gasoline; and by faith he believe water turns to gas ... when reach the third person will thank you