The Fake Patreon Account Guy is here commenting, so be careful lol.
This is the only Patreon account I use...obviously. 

I'm saying this because there's some other guy who's made a Patreon pretending to be me and he's here writing messages and I don't know how to block him. And it's Sunday, so the guy I was emailing from Patreon isn't here to sort it out for me. 

Fuck knows why, but whatever. I would hope people aren't stupid enough to believe that's me anyways, but I thought I'd say it nonetheless. 

Just have a look at the picture. If it looks like the one you're used to seeing in the pictures, it's me (just double check the account to make sure). If it looks kinda like me, but not completely, it *isn't* me lol. 

I'll get on sorting this out tomorrow, k?

Hope everyone's well :)    >