Falkor Would Like To Welcome You
Welcome to my first post on my new Patron!  Let me tell you a little more about myself.

First of all, I'm not the dog.  I'm the pasty-faced human on the header of the Patron.  But Falkor is glad you're here.

Just over three years ago, I saw there was a need for non-binary and gender nonconforming peopel to have spaces on Tumblr.  I was excited about selfies as a form of self care, and of changing common narratives of what being trans is.  So I began transmasculineselfielove and nbselfielove.  

I've found I enjoy running community blogs, where I can help people find an audience for what's important to them, I can help answer questions, and I can just enjoy seeing smiling faces and positive messages.  It's not always a positive experience.  There are people who make it a point to harass people on these kinds of blogs, and it can be a downer keeping them at bay.  But overall, I've been very happy doing this kind of blogging.

Now I'm getting involved in community organizing as well.  It's happening local to me right now, but eventually, I hope that I can create community organizing opportunities in other areas.

So thanks for visiting my Patron!