Fall Color in the Smokies: Day Three

Today (thankfully) the pass was finally open, and that means I was able to get into the park and have a look around, including making my way up to Clingman's Dome for the first sunset of the trip. The header image is a post-peak shot from the sunset; I'm not giving away the real shot yet, but it's even better, I guarantee you. 

Other than shooting the sunset, I did a lot of color scouting, and some time shooting roadside waterfalls and streams. The light was still pretty harsh during the day, so I wasn't able to do much with water; tomorrow should be better, according to all the forecasts, so hopefully I'll be able to start getting some solid waterfall material then! 

I do have at least one solid shot in the bank after today, which is always a nice feeling. Hopefully many more to come! 

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