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Fall of the Candy King!
Hello, everyone! Thank you again for your amazing support! If you've been watching gaming news, you may have noticed that King Ltd, the makers of Candy Crush Saga, have been issuing takedown notices like crazy to people who use 'Candy' or 'Scrolls' in the title of their games. Pretty bold for a company whose biggest cash cow is a Bejeweled clone. In response, is hosting the Candy Jam ( ), a contest wherein small developers are encouraged to release games using trademark-contested words. What you'll find linked here is my entry into the Candy Jam: Fall of the Candy King! Unlike many of the other entries, my game is edutainment: it'll quiz you on your knowledge of Intellectual Property Law! Since this game is made in RPG Maker, it's a bit bigger than most of my games (about 200 MB) and runs in Windows only. Sorry to those of you who can't run it; expect a more accessible entry next! :) Also, I'll be pinging pledges about the serial IF novel that I owe you soon! Cheers, Colin