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Fallen Angel with Phil Escott on drums - November Creation 3
Dearest friends, Do you remember the weekly free download of 'Fallen Angel' a while ago, with Phil Escott on the drums? That recording was from a video shoot in a disused mine. At the time, the actual video was shelved, mainly for technical reasons. To my absolute delight, Dave had another go at it this week, and here is the result. I hope you like it as much as I do. It is a great memento from that crazy day, when Dave thought it might make an interesting location. We had arranged for Phil to meet us there. When he arrived with his drums, he pointed out that he had just passed 5 'keep out!' signs on the way in. Lucky for you who are watching the video now, we decided to ignore all of them. The prospect of the police appearing any minute to lock us away, created a certain urgency, and we only did 2 takes of the song. This is the first one, where we are still getting into the groove of it. The weekly free download is the second take, and possibly a little more polished. It was not totally without danger, and Dave ended up standing on a rusty nail sticking out from a plank. We actually took him to casualty to make sure he wasn't going to die from it, or he wouldn't have been able to do the editing. This is how we suffer for our art, but your support makes it all worthwhile and I look forward to your comments! Markus K
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