Fallen Barbarian - Pixel game project

Hey folks!

I hope you've liked my Fallen Heroine game concept. We'll start a special voting to start developing of this project or not soon...

I've a new idea for a second mini game. I've to tell my secret, I'm a fan of the old-school  games like: Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior &  Moonstone: A Hard Days Knight. So it'll be a lot of fun for me to create some Hot Pixels like this one:

This concept is based on the forgotten game Barbarian II: The Dungeon of Drax .

It has a cool scenario: the brave girl Barbarian vs a lot of vile creatures, but the awful control by keyboard. Sure there's no porn at all in the original game, so I sworn to fix it...

So thanks for your great support, my dear backers, I can release my dream to create some extremely lewd pixel monsters and a strong Barbarian girls, sure!

I found a great pixel artist and we've created this proud Heroine:

Maybe she'll fight with disgusting hell creatures this spring-summer, if you help me to choice her style... 

And sure write some comments (I've to know that my backers are alive ;-)), what do you wish to see in such game?!

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