Fallen Heroine - New XXX Game Project

I've an idea to start unique game: the Evil Queen reign Sim.

So meet the Fallen Heroine, mortals! 

Formula: Game of Thrones / Reigns + Next Gen 3D Porn + Your Stories Maker =  Fallen Heroine: the Evil Queen Sim

Fetishes: a plenty beautiful fallen heroines, vile monsters breeding, rough sex, corruption, pregnancy,  BDSM/slavery, humiliation, optional futa characters etc. 

This list was based on public and backers-only sex games fetishes polls, but I'm always opened to my patrons, who support my mission of destroying elven pussies last 3 years.

So write your fetishes and ideas in comments...


You're the Evil Queen, your purpose will take the throne as long as you can. Your nasty henchmens require payment for their service. The Elven King wishes to regain his stolen daughter. Silly human peasants got tired from thefts of their pretty daughters. Brave heroines approach to your Residence of Evil. Lewd Dragon has fallen in love with you...

Catch and enslave all cheeky heroines to satisfy and breed your lewd minions.  Keep the Balance with Factions, cheat your enemies or they'll make you a true Fallen Heroine.

How long your Evil Reign will last? 


- Next Gen realistic 3D + animations + hot voice acting

- Focusing to create the most fappable hardcore scenes on Patreon

- Realistic Evil Fantasy, unique heroes (not your usual  inc*st milfs/daughters)

- Original and funny card game-play (not casual boring VN or RPG games)

- Multi platform engine to let your grandfather play this game on a calculator

- SandBox (Fallen Heroines Maker) to help you create your own dark stories and share to our Community.


Kindly, write your comments or Evil Queen will punish you!