Fallen Kingdom
Left: Queen Lynae

[Pixiv] https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=59096799

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Right : PrincessYou Oyl -- (illust/46309796)

Illusion Honey Select pictures. It's fun. It ruins my drawing time... :D

Yea... This set image doesn't make sense. As my design. Princess You is fighting for revenge. If her mother alive. That's no reason she would pick a sword.

And The Queen Lynae. The 3D girl doesn't fit for the design too...

I just want to make a ryona set image only.
Just enjoy. 


Attachment is same as : http://www.pixiv.net/whitecube/user/438009/illust/59096799

If you don't want to download. Just go to my pixiv. :)

If I make set images again. It would be Valkyrie & Orc (戦乙女 & オーク) theme
These 2 girls : http://i.imgur.com/3kS7PSf.jpg