Photo of the month for March 2016 -- I hitchhiked from Rotorua to Wellington wth a friend (we dallied too long to buy bus tickets). Three people picked us up to complete the six hour journey. We were never waiting for longer than five minutes with our thumbs out. The first to pick us up was Keegan, a Canadian white-water kayaker who oversees bungee jumps for money. He took us to his favorite waterfall on the way, a three-tiered fall at Tree Trunk Gorge. I recorded his story (on his love of free-flowing rivers and the acceptance of death that comes along with being a white-water kayaker of his caliber) with the churning waters in the background, pink pumice stones scattered at our feet. ... The good news of the month: the audio recordings I have been making for the last year and a half are soon to have an archival home! Last week I met up with a kiwi software engineer who was kind enough to teach me some of the basic skills I need to make my map website a reality. The archive of 1001 stories is in progress. I love the feeling of learning something new, of being a complete beginner in this world and listening to someone who is passionate about the skill-set they have to offer. It's not unlike falling, surrendering into newness. Sometimes there's value in going all-in and seeing where things land, somewhere downstream. I don't have a video to share with you all this month, as learning the coding skills has taken up all my spare energy. Stand by -- there's lots more on the way. :) Arohanui, Devi