So I know I owe you guys two stories here. I just had some travel, and a new Star Wars assignment and deadline hit, so things have been a bit on the busy side. I have two stories near completion, so expect them (and May's story as well) to all go up soon, the first of which will be up within the next few days. 

I also need to get going on polling you all on which short story setting you guys want me to  turn into an RPG campaign setting. So once I get these next three stories up, I'll be conducting a patron-wide poll to determine a top 3, and then do a second poll to determine which story wins. So all of you supporting at 5 dollars a month or more should try and take some time this month and go through the existing stories and think on your pick. 

I also have some very exciting news for you guys regarding our next stretch goal, which I hope to announce in about a month.