Fallout 3 - Let's Play - 061 - Sewer Waystation
My most favorite game of all time?  Could be.  A heavily modded, complete play-through of Fallout 3 GotY Edition with all DLC.  

Videos 1 - 7 cover the prologue, the Escape From the Vault, looting Springvale (not the school or quest areas), bypassing Megaton for the Intelligence Bobblehead, which means running away from the horror known as Brian Wilkes, and returning to Megaton.  Videos 8 - 10 are all of the Megaton-centric quests, up to starting The Wasteland Survival Guide for Moira.  Videos 11 - 18 take us through the first two Wasteland Survival Guide quests at the Super Duper Mart and getting super-irradiated.  After that C.B. heads to Big Town to get started there, then Arefu to finish Lucy West's quest, which starts up another mess.  We finish the session with THREE COMPANIONS!

Now that the basics are out of the way, we'll move on to expanding C.B.'s world and building C.B.'s wealth.  The first step is to go clean out Springvale School, the Raider fortress I mentioned early in the game.  That's video 19.

Videos 20 - 25 detail C.B. and Lucy West looting around Arefu, taking out a Supermutant Church, defeating the sniper Arkansas at his own game and clearing out Minefield for the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, obtaining the companion Dogmeat, and finding the unique Power Fist Fisto!

Videos 26 - 28 cover Molerat Repellent Research for the Wasteland Survival Guide, a brief foray into the Anchorage War Memorial, and capturing the second of the five Keller Family Transcripts.

30 - 38 show how to get the Lockpick bobblehead in the Bethesda Ruins, and the Science Bobblehead in Vault 106, and finishes with obtaining the Unique Combat Knife Stabhappy from a nondescript Raider hideout.

39 - 46  Sightseeing! The Sneak and Unarmed Bobbleheads!  Keller Family Transcripts! Leveling!

47 - 50  The Dunwich Building, Melee Bobblehead

51 - 57  Explosives Bobblehead, Speech Bobblehead, The Break unique pool cue, Firelance random encounter and unique weapon, Paradise Falls, Vampire's Edge unique weapon, Roosevelt Academy, Sheet Music

58 - 59  The Mirelurk quest for the Wasteland Survival Guide, cleaning out the Anchorage War Memorial, finding the unique sledgehammer The Tenderizer

60 - 62:  Sewer Waystation, Gallo the Ghoulish Clown