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Fallout 3 Parts 14-16! + 3 VGP LP's!
Sorry about the long wait and that there's no Digimon World just yet. We're working on a solution for the difficulties we had last week. Should be back with more of that soon. Let's jump right into the new Let's Plays up on my channel.

Fallout 3:

Part 14: The Escape Through The Tunnels

Part 15: Oh Brother!(hood of Steel)
Part 16: Ants on a Log

Now for the new LP's up on the Video Game Pausecast channel (Like my channel but it has Murph there too)

We've got Shenmue, the classic revenge kung-fu movie on the Dreamcast. 

Shovel Knight, the awesome 8-bit tale of a knight trying to win back his lost love. 

And SOMA, a robot-filled psychological horror game from the creators of Amnesia. 


Part 7: Seriously Where's Charlie?

Part 8: We Think We Found Charlie

Part 9: Russian China

Shovel Knight:

Part 1: We Get To Shovelin'
Part 2: Canigit Vs Specter Knight
Part 3: Bill Nye the Plague Knight Guy


Part 1: Tracer Fluid
Part 2: Omnitoolin'

Part 3: Good Ol' Carl

Work has been super busy as well, with a few people going on vacation I've hardly had any time to myself. I hope coming back with 12 new videos for you guys to watch makes up for the lack of Digimon and updates, but I'll figure everything out soon. 

<3 Dylan "Dylon" Saramago

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